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The term Medicopin.com was derived from ‘Medical Opinion’, which means receiving medical opinion in English. Medicopin.com is a global service company that conducts its studies to help individuals in solving their problems in health field, as well as facilitate the efficient knowledge sharing at every level. Medicopin.com is the World’s FIRST AND ONLY ONLINE HOSPITAL with its doctors renowned worldwide in their fields and its state-of-art technology

Medicopin.com is a global service provider with a multi-language interface. With its Medicopin service it allows to obtain a face-to-face second opinion from most renowned US doctors, obviating the need for overseas travel or postal service; and it is designed to minimize the possible problems such as language, time zone and measurement unit differences.

Medihis service, on the other hand, is a medical archive service built with the highest security standards. It allows its users to access detailed documents and information such as laboratory tests, radiological images, and medical history, from anywhere, anytime. With specially designed features such as colorful graphics, comparison tables, and multiple windowing it successfully enables to enjoy the benefits of preventive medicine and early diagnosis through better analysis of the medical data.

New York based Medicopin.com is compliant with Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Safeguard Standards (HIPAA) of the US Federal Government, regarding patient privacy and data security. Its intellectual rights and its software are internationally copyrighted in the US and globally.