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medical opinion
  • In order to have access to the right health professional.

Our renowned doctors continue to work in their own highly specialized fields within their branches; for example, every orthopedist will not take on every orthopedic case, and oncologists will have their own specialties. Medicopin.com does not simply provide access to a doctor; it helps you find the right doctor for your specific condition.

  • In order to have quick access.

World-famous doctors tend to have long waiting lists of patients, but we at Medicopin.com know the value of time where health is concerned, providing fast access to the professional most suited to your needs.

  • We help you make sense of healthcare overseas, and overcome problems in the system.

With offices in New York and Istanbul, we are with you every step of the way to relay accurate information with excellent technical infrastructure, confidentiality and customer service.

  • Because our system is the ONLY one offering you a video recording of your diagnoses and treatment options.
  • Because Medicopin.com has a user-friendly interface.
  • Our team prioritizes your health, for us merely getting the job done does not suffice. We will find the right solution for you.

Anyone who has experienced health problems is aware of the difference a team that prioritizes the individual can truly make.

  • Should you wish to go forth and seek treatment overseas, we facilitate the process, providing consulting and logistical support.
  • Because having all of your medical history analyzed and compiled in an easily accessible system saves lives.

In the field of medicine, having scattered, missing documents and test results is commonplace, and is recognized as a major impediment to proper healthcare and diagnostics. Having a collection of data becomes all the more important in emergencies. Having the option to constantly compare and follow results over time is imperative in early diagnosis and prevention.

  • For the experience of using a secure system which will never allow a third party access to your data.