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Second opinion

Welcome to Medicopin.com

Medicopin.com, derived from the term “medical opinion”, is an international medical company offering superior healthcare assistance to individuals overseas. It provides a gateway for the exchange and maintenance of vital health information and advice, prioritizing continuous innovation in the field.

Medicopin.com's team comprises of doctors from prestigious institutions, integrating their years of experience with advanced technology to bring you the world’s FIRST and ONLY online hospital. We offer customers our services in 6 languages. This is a venue in which our members receive the right medical advice from world leading doctors overseas without disrupting their daily routines and obligations. With Medihis, users can compile every detail of their medical history, tests and imaging results to access them anywhere in the world. The analytics features such as table plotting for observation, and an alarm system for anomalous values are clear advantages of the Medihis system. Those who value their health know the importance of an early diagnosis.

Medicopin.com is there for you; as a well-respected company with extensive experience in medicine, we combine our impressive cadre of physicians with our understanding of the sensitive psychological needs of patients. Our customers revel in the comfort of being confident with the fact that their information will always remain private and secure.

Please note that Medicopin.com’s services are NOT a substitute for face-to-face consultations with your health professional.

Medicopin is an NY-based company and complies with all federal and state guidelines.

* Medicopin.com is not affiliated with any medical centers or clinics.