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Holding a medical history which includes vital information about your health such as your blood tests, imaging results (for example MRI, CAT, Endoscopy), your previous procedures and existing ailments, medications you use, genetic susceptibility to certain conditions, helps you a lot when you face health problems in the future. Mainly, storing this medical history facilitates the diagnosis and treatment process of your probable illnesses.

Doctors usually call for physical examinations in the two-year period right after the treatment. It may relieve one’s mind to be through with a treatment but there is no guarantee that this illness will not reoccur. This anxiety is very common particularly among cancer patients.
In an emergency situation, anything that matters would be taken into account by the doctors thanks to your online stored medical history. Organized and accessible medical archive prevents you from doing the same tests or imaging results again and again. Thus, you can save your time and money. Both previous and current tests and imaging results existing together at one place enables doctors to make an accurate assessment and best possible diagnosis.