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Medihis is a highly secure archiving system where users can compile their lab tests and actual images such as MRI, X- Ray, CT Scan,  PET Scan, Endoscopy, and all vital personal medical information in one place where you can access online, 24*7 anywhere in the world.

Medihis users input their blood test results in order to compare against the reference range and their previous test results, plotting accurate colored graphs to analyze the progress over time. Besides medihis makes it possible to compare different test results with graphics.


Medihis is a state of art combination of modern medicine and technology specifically benefiting patients who:

Receive various treatments from different facilities
Have trouble organizing their medical information
Travel frequently
Have a condition necessitating periodic follow-ups and evaluations
Are looking for user-friendly analytics and permanent medical archive to keep track of their and their children’s test result and progress over time
Are in charge of health care of more than one person, such as children, elderly parents or a spouse


Having your vital medical information in one place accessible by your doctors in an emergency situation can save lives.

Having previous images give opportunity of comparison, which helps doctors to make an accurate assessment.

A reachable and organized medical archive will reduce and/or eliminate duplicate processes, and result in time and money savings.

The ability to compare and contrast test results side by side will help you diagnose serious conditions as early as possible.

Under your medihis account you can organize all your vital medical information, which is hard to remember when needed such as;

Emergency Contact Information
Family health history
Personal Medical History
Medications, Supplements
Allergies and Adverse Reactions
Lab and Test Results
Actual Screening Images


State of art, industry-leading features
Colorful comparison charts and graphics.
24/7 access to original images online
One-click document sharing with Medicopin.com’s doctors.
One click summarized information form for emergency cases
Detailed and permanent medical history for all ages.
Immunization records and developmental progress tracking for infants and toddlers
Main folders in multiple languages
Automatic language translation of lab tests
Advanced customized classification for your records.
Detailed search option to easy access needed document.