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Any information about your health is substantially valuable. You gain fundamental advantage in the case of emergency by having a medical archive that you can reach from anywhere and anytime, including all the required data and information regarding your health.

Medical Archive contains contact information in the case of emergency, health history of your family members, operations you underwent, medicines you take and information concerned with your life style. Thanks to this archive you enjoy the benefits of preventive medicine and early diagnosis. Moreover, you can keep track of your kid’s development over time provided that you create a medical archive for him/her. While you are getting examined by your doctor, he/she can reach your medical archive through mail. By this means, you get the chance of getting the most accurate possible diagnosis.
There may be an emergency situation and you may have to go to a hospital during your travel abroad. Having a comprehensive and immediately accessible medical archive can save your life or help the doctors abroad make fast and accurate diagnosis under such an emergency situation.
It is possible to reach all of your medical records with only a click throughout your life. This online procedure accelerates the process of starting and keeping track of the treatment and recovery.