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second opinion

Reach the global standard of medicine with us

Medicopin.com's privileged users have dependable medical advice at their fingertips, without the hassle of taking time out of their daily lives. We aim to impress with our services: evaluations and advice are relayed to patients via personalized video recordings of our doctors, or via video call over our secure website. 

Medicopin.com is available in 6 languages and has been optimized to minimize lingual issues. Users who prefer to do so receive a written transcript of their personalized medical advice, or can request to have a translator present during video calls with their doctors.

Each of our world leading doctors specializes in a specific and defined group of illnesses, allowing them to apply their cutting-edge science to not only correctly diagnose each condition, but also provide the latest treatment recommendations for our members , regardless of their location.

Medicopin.com's physicians will naturally be requesting detailed medical information from you, along with scans, blood test results and any other medical indicators they need to utilize during their diagnosis. All of your information will be in their hands within seconds. As our specialists do not leave any room for doubt, in the case of anomalous results or missing data in the information provided, you will be contacted. You will be informed via email at each stage of evaluation process and treatment recommendations, and you can log into our webpage at your convenience to review your details and progress online.   

Your experience with Medicopin.com does not end when you receive our doctors` evaluation; you will then have the opportunity to ask for further clarification from our doctors in the unlikely case you are left with any questions.

Patients with serious medical conditions and their loved ones are able to find psychological comfort in addition to healthcare guidance: the entire staff at Medicopin.com, from our doctors to our administrators recognize the difficulties and psychological ramifications of living with illness. Thus, not only do we consistently provide medical guidance of the highest standard, we also go out of our way to ensure the process is as peaceful and positive as possible for all parties involved.

Medicopin.com understands the overwhelming emotions encountered upon receiving a serious diagnosis.  Our mission is to provide you and your family with the comfort that comes from knowing that you are leaving no stone unturned in this time of great uncertainty.  Whether you are interested in confirming a recent diagnosis or are considering new treatment options, our medicopin service will give you answers, along with the peace of mind you and your loved ones deserve.

* Please note that our medicopin services is NOT a substitute for in-person consultations with your health professional.