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Your living, talking medical archive is always with you

Medihis is a high-security archiving system which helps our users compile all of their blood tests and imaging results (for example MRI, CAT, Endoscopy), their previous procedures and existing ailments, medications they use, genetic susceptibility to certain conditions and others in one place, providing quick and easy global access online, at any time. 

Medihis users input their blood tests in order to observe how they compare with the reference range and with their own previous results, plotting accurate colored graphs to analyze the trajectory of lab result values over time. The analytics are user-friendly and help our users receive early warnings about the state of their health. Early diagnosis is made possible thanks to the system which warns users when there are significant changes in their test values. Our members may also follow their current health situation revised choosing our annual check up package and having regular evaluations made by medicopin.com`s expert endocrinologists. 

Our users and their healthcare practitioners have easy access to all of their data, results and history wherever they have internet access, which is especially useful in the case of an emergency.

Family members who link their Medihis accounts and data have the advantage of being able to analyze genetic risks and receive early warnings from the system with higher accuracy.