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Medical Archive

Medical Archive

You can create your own medical archive which contains all your medical history, lab tests and even actual scan images with Medicopin.com`s Medihis Service. Medihis is an online medical archiving, electronic medical recording service which provides the high-tech features to keep your medical data organized and up to date. It is also 24/7 accessible from all around the...


Second Opinion Services

Second Opinion

There is no need for any extra tasks such as driving to the expert doctor`s office or waiting on the long appointment lines. Getting a
second opinion remaining in your own home comfort will give you peace of mind. Yes, it is that simple. Just request an evaluation for your medical opinion and follow the procedures then our awesome team and expert doctors are going to take...

Medical Opinion Services

Medical Opinion

Medicopin.com`s online
medical opinion service - Medicopin gives you access to the leading doctors who have been selected especially for you. These experts provide a reliable and secure medical opinion which help you to decide on your diagnosis and treatment plan. Having a comprehensive medical opinion from the best doctors in the field will make you confident for your...

Medical Archive Services

Medical Archive

Medicopin.com`s personal medical archiving system Medihis provides you with the most advanced archiving technology. This unique
medical archive tool provides you with the comparison charts where you can visualize the most recent and previous test results on graphics. This helps you to keep your health under your control.

What Is Medical Archive?

Any information about your health is substantially valuable. You gain fundamental advantage in the case of emergency by having a medical archive that you can reach from anywhere and anytime, including all the required data and information regarding your health.

Medical Archive contains contact information in the case of emergency, health history of your family members, operations you...

What Is Second Opinion?

What Is Medical Opinion?

What Is Medical Second Opinion?

What Is Medical History?

Holding a medical history which includes vital information about your health such as your blood tests, imaging results (for example MRI, CAT, Endoscopy), your previous procedures and existing ailments, medications you use, genetic susceptibility to certain conditions, helps you a lot when you face health problems in the future. Mainly, storing this medical history facilitates the diagnosis and ...