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What Is Medicopin?

The term Medicopin.com was derived from ‘Medical Opinion’, which means receiving medical opinion in English. Medicopin.com is a global service company that conducts its studies to help individuals in solving their problems in health field, as well as facilitate the efficient knowledge sharing at every level. Medicopin.com is the World’s FIRST AND ONLY ONLINE HOSPITAL with its ...

Medicopin Service

Medicopin.com is an international medical services provider offering superior healthcare assistance to individuals, virtually, anywhere in the world.

We believe that access to latest medical information is paramount in healthcare therefore we strive to make preventative care, cutting-edge treatments and expert opinions accessible worldwide.

Medicopin.com unites most advanced medicine...

What Is Medihis?

Medihis is a highly secure archiving system where users can compile their lab tests and actual images such as MRI, X- Ray, CT Scan,  PET Scan, Endoscopy, and all vital personal medical information in one place where you can access online, 24*7 anywhere in the world.

Medihis users input their blood test results in order to compare against the reference range and their previous test...

Second Opinion

Medicopin Online Second Opinion

Medicopin.com`s expert doctors must recommend that a patient getting a second opinion when they think it would be helpful in the care of the patient. While they recommend a second opinion, expert doctors have to explain the why they recommend it and provide the necessary information to their patients that they are free to choose a second opinion expert on...

Online Medical Archive

Medicopin Medical Archive

Having an organized personal medical record - Medihis can help you to have a better medical care. Medihis service containing all your medical archive makes it possible to access all your medical information including - insurance information; lab results; the names and phone numbers of doctors; and details of injuries, illnesses, surgeries, allergies, and...

Medical History

Medical History

As highly regarded medical information management tool our online medical archiving system Medihis expertly manages and store your medical history in Medicopin.com within the organized folders and makes them 7/24 available online. Since online medical archive is very important with the user-friendly interface our online medical archiving system - Medihis makes all your...

Medical Opinion

Medical Second Opinion

Medical Second Opinion

Online medical second opinion is a "must" in today`s world. In order to eliminate all of the posssible errors during the medical condition evaluation process medical second opinion can be used as an alternative tool. Do not hesitate to ask for a second opinion from a different doctor but who is a specialist in the same field.

Medicopin Second Opinion

Medicopin Second Opinion

A different doctor means a different approach to any diagnosis, or at least he/she suggests a different opinion as to treatment options. Not all the doctors have the same second opinion about the diseases and their possible treatments. There are hundreds of factors that may affect the way each doctor handles the case therefore, asking a second, third even fourth...

Medicopin Medical History

Medical History

Online medical history is an essential part of any medical data. In order to keep your health under your control first and foremost you have to create and manage your own medical history. Medicopin.com`s Medihis service offers you a great alternative tool in order to create your medical archive with your entire medical history.