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Second Opinion

Medicopin Online Second Opinion

Medicopin.com`s expert doctors must recommend that a patient getting a second opinion when they think it would be helpful in the care of the patient. While they recommend a second opinion, expert doctors have to explain the why they recommend it and provide the necessary information to their patients that they are free to choose a second opinion expert on...

Online Medical Archive

Medicopin Medical Archive

Having an organized personal medical record - Medihis can help you to have a better medical care. Medihis service containing all your medical archive makes it possible to access all your medical information including - insurance information; lab results; the names and phone numbers of doctors; and details of injuries, illnesses, surgeries, allergies, and...

Medical Archive

Medical Archive

You can create your own medical archive which contains all your medical history, lab tests and even actual scan images with Medicopin.com`s Medihis Service. Medihis is an online medical archiving, electronic medical recording service which provides the high-tech features to keep your medical data organized and up to date. It is also 24/7 accessible from all around the...