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medical history

There is no direct mail involved; our users simply input their medical information online.

It all depends on the membership package you chose. Many of our packages allow users to simply upload the results to the system, with Medicopin.com making sure that all values are added accurately.

Your appointed physician will be able to access all of the medical history compiled online, so there will be no need for you to upload anything more than once. Also, anything your doctor uploads (along with their diagnoses and advice) will be available on Medihis.

Medicopin.com will keep all user data on the system database for up to a year after their membership ends. If membership is renewed at any point during the year, users can access all of their information again. However, if membership is not renewed, all corresponding data will be deleted after a year.

There are no limitations for the length of time Medicopin will continue to store your data for you; as long as you continue to renew your membership, you will have continued access.

Medicopin.com prioritizes user-friendly interfaces and options and makes it as simple as possible for you to take a couple of steps and start analyzing your medical data. In the case that you do need any extra help, you will find our user manuals easy to comprehend.