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medical history

Of course you can. Medicopin is a service which enables you to seek advice from top physicians overseas. Naturally, you can make the decision to get the recommended treatment in your country of residence.

You are under no obligation to notify your doctor of your activity on Medicopin. Please keep in mind that seeking a second opinion is a right all patients can exercise and it is an important precaution, especially with more complicated medical situations. We are confident your local practitioner will agree.

There is no direct mail involved; our users simply input their medical information online.

Accurate diagnoses require accurate tests. There are certain factors that affect the reliability of imaging results, so in certain cases our doctors will want the tests repeated and/or interpreted by a radiology expert they trust. You can find more information about this in the “Radiology” section.

Medicopin’s cadre of specialist physicians have proven their prowess in their specific, respective fields. When a user signs up with Medicopin, they will be directed to the specialist suited to their ailment as our doctors will only take responsibility for treatment and diagnoses in their specific branch. When a patient requests a consultation involving another field of medicine, they will be directed to another specialist.

Our expert physicians will ensure that our customers receive their medical assessments in 4-6 weeks.

You are right to be concerned about your health. If our founders’ backgrounds and their previous experience is not enough to ease your worries, please bear in mind the fact that your personal diagnoses will be delivered via video message.

It is a mandatory legal practice for doctors working in the United States to have every patient review and sign a disclaimer form outlining the doctor’s role and responsibilities. Since we are based in New York, our company and our doctors are unable to proceed further and accept patients without this form being approved.

Yes. If you choose to you can request an appointment from your doctor on our system. Your doctor will then give you dates suitable for them and you will be able to interact with them via video on our website.

We offer the option to have a direct medical translator present during your video consultations. We work with a professional translation company in order to ensure accurate communication between you and your doctor.

Your doctor will present you with three different appointment alternatives and you will get to choose one according to your schedule.

Medicopin.com provides the highest quality and encryption standards within it's advanced technical infrastructure for customers to conduct crisp, clear and private consultations with our doctors. We ask you to please check your own internet connection for a smooth experience. In the unlikely event that a call is rendered impossible by connection issues, you can simply schedule another meeting with your doctor.

Medicopin.com does not currently have an affiliation with any insurance companies. Whether you can rely on your provider to pay for Medicopin.com services or not depends entirely on the ongoing insurance policy and discretion of your insurance provider.

All applications received are first examined by the medical staff at Medicopin.com, who will select a physician specializing in the field they deem appropriate according to the symptoms and nature of the ailment you describe. They will then make sure that all basic medical information has been obtained. After this process your application will be submitted to your chosen doctor, who will decide on how to proceed depending on your situation; they may have enquiries about your situation or you may be asked to submit more tests and images. You will then be receiving your complete recorded video diagnosis in 4 to 6 weeks.