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Our membership is free. Our Medicopin and Medihis services charge separately.

When you start benefiting from our Medihis service you pay monthly service fee according to the service plan, which you chose. Our Medicopin Service is totally independent than our Medihis service. When you need to get medical opinion from our specialists, it is pay per case.
After choosing one of the packages that fits to your choice you can start creating your medical archive clicking on the Medihis button in your Medicopin webpage.
Unfortunately for the security reasons we can NOT provide any password or password change links. You can click on the “Forgot Password?” link under the Login tab and get your password in your email that you used when you signed up.
Yes you can do it clicking on the “Account Settings” under your profile.
It is not possible to register as a doctor to the system. Our expert doctors are renowned and well-known doctors and they are carefully selected. Please contact with the management regarding this issue.
After a 12 month membership of a platinium package to Medihis - Medicopin.com grants you with a free evaluation request. You can use this free request for any clinics that you want within to get an evaluation Medicopin.com.